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    Experiencing emotional distress ? Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills Program (DBT) now available

    Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills (DBT) program now available. This program provides resources, education and clinical support to enhance your ability to change self-defeating patterns of thinking and behaving.

    This program has been developed for individuals experiencing emotional distress, manifesting in unstable mood states and unstable relationships. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills Day Program (DBT) has a strong commitment to individualising therapy to meet the individual needs and to teach lifestyle enhancing skills.

    This program is skill-based and assists patients to tolerate intense feelings while learning to manage self-harming behaviour often associated with Borderline Personality Disorder. DBT combines standard cognitive behavioural techniques for emotional regulation and reality testing with concepts of mindful awareness, distress tolerance and acceptance. It can be used to help people experiencing symptoms of impulsivity, frequent interpersonal conflict and difficulty with emotional regulation, anger and poor coping in stressful situations.

    Program content

    - Core mindfulness

    - Distress tolerance

    - Emotional regulation

    - Interpersonal effectiveness

    For more information please speak to our Day Program Coordinator  on 43419522 Or Click Here.


    14 DEC 2017