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    NEW Perinatal Mental Health & Wellbeing Program Now Available

    Brisbane Waters Private Hospital is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative to support mothers experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties through pregnancy or after the birth of their child. 

    The Perinatal Mental Health & Wellbeing  (PMHP) Program is a half day program conducted over 10 weeks, and is based on the principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). It has been developed from current research into perinatal disorders and international standards of treatment for these disorders, and will cover:

    – Understanding anxiety
    – Understanding depression
    – Challenging distorted thinking
    – Anxiety management
    – Anger management                                                         
    – Exploring values
    – Views of motherhood
    – Balancing Lifestyle
    – Assertive communication
    – Goal setting
    – Relaxation
    – Managing perfectionism
    – Self esteem
    – Coping with change
    – Mindfulness

    If you are interested in attending the Perinatal Mental Health & Wellbeing (PMHP) Program, you will need to discuss this with your treating GP/ Doctor who will assess your suitability and, if appropriate, provide a referral.

    For all enquiries please phone our Day Therapy Program Coordinator on 4341 9522

    For an Information flyer on this program click here







    29 JUN 2017