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    Brisbane Waters Private Hospital to undergo a $10 Million Refurbishment

    Brisbane Waters Private Hospital to undergo $10 million makeover - Peter Way, Central Coast Gosford Express Advocate -March 6, 2017 3:40pm

    HEALTH services on the peninsula will receive a $10 million boost with the expansion and refurbishment of Brisbane Waters Private Hospital in Woy Woy.

    The new facilities will include a 24 bed rehabilitation ward, a patient dining room, patient and family lounge areas, group treatment rooms for patients and therapists, a second gymnasium, a hydrotherapy pool, a new cafe, a new reception area and an outdoor relaxation area for patients and families with gardens and seating.

    Brisbane Waters Private Hospital CEO Kathy Beverley said the development was very much needed.

    “These additions, they’re all extremely needed,” she said.

    “We’re regularly full — which is great — but we do know there’s an unmet demand for rehabilitation.

    “Due to the nature of our demographics with an ageing population, people are travelling to Sydney and Newcastle or Gosford. “What we’re hoping to build is something that allows people to stay on the peninsula to have their rehab here and surgery here.

    “We’re very excited to have all those beds as soon as they’re available.”

    Federal Liberal Robertson MP Lucy Wicks was in attendance at the sod turning on Friday and said it was great to see investment for the peninsula. “I love seeing investment in our community, in particular health investment on the peninsula where it absolutely matters,” she said.

    “It’s great to see the 30-50 jobs created during the construction phase and another 30 job opportunities for the expanded services when it opens later this year.

    “It’s great news for the Central Coast and the peninsula that’s going to make a significant difference.

    “Thank you for your commitment to world class health excellence.

    “It’s a passion of mine and the entire community shares this desire for services that are accessible, that are well-needed and this is a service that is needed.”

    media_camera Ian Reynolds, Kathy Beverley and Lucy Wicks at the sod turning at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital which is being refurbished to the tune of $10 million. Picture: Sue Graham

    The extensions are being funded privately by the hospital but Central Coast Council administrator Ian Reynolds was also in attendance at the announcement.

    Mrs Beverley said some of the new rehabilitation facilities would hopefully be available to the public.

    “We’re hoping to build a second gymnasium, we already have one but due to our growth it’s not big enough and it can’t accommodate all the services we offer here at the hospital,” she said.

    “The final part is the hydrotherapy pool which will include male and female change rooms. “Hopefully the public can use it from an outpatient perspective or aqua aerobics classes or something similar.

    “Part of that ward will also have lounges for families and outdoor relaxation areas with gardens and seating which is important for people who are here for long periods.

    “There will also be a new cafe and reception area to be completed by the end of the year.

    “We’ll be demolishing our kitchen and building a new kitchen, but meals will still be cooked on site, and staffing levels will remain the same.

    “It won’t be having any impact on our current services, and there’ll be no change or disruption to our service for our patients.”




    07 MAR 2017