Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation is the process that brings about the highest level of recovery following loss of function or ability. Rehabilitation can be achieved by the development of physical compensatory mechanisms and psychological adjustment.

The rehab team uses assessment, teaching and coaching to help patients achieve their goals. The team also administers and monitors therapeutic interventions, provides a coordination and advocacy role, and ensures quality health-care practises are utilised.

Rehabilitation Services

Brisbane Waters Private Hospital offers a range of rehabilitation services for in-patients and day patients. Programs have a continuous entry and run throughout the year.

Services include rehabilitation in the areas of:

• Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

• Neurological Stroke / Non Stroke Rehabilitation

• Cardiac Rehabilitation

• Pulmonary Rehabilitation

• General Reconditioning

• Multiple Trauma Care


Brisbane Waters Private Hospital provides a range of facilities including access to:

• Hydrotherapy Pool

• Gymnasium

• Treatment Rooms

• Independent Living Area

• Single Rooms with Ensuites

• Specialist Consulting Suites

• Onsite Radiology Services, Pathology and Pharmacy