Geriatric Medicine Services

Dr Peter Lipski
Consultant Geriatrician
Director of Geriatric Medicine, Brisbane Waters Private Hospital
Conjoint Associate Professor, Newcastle University

Dr Peter Lipski, Director of Geriatric Medicine at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital, is a leading Geriatrician, who has extensive experience in the care of the elderly. He has looked after the elderly residents of the Central Coast since 1992 and has raised the profile of Geriatric Medicine nationally. He has visited Aged Care Hostels and Nursing Homes on the Central Coast to care for patients and support their GPs. Dr Lipski has also been tireless in his pursuit for better medical care for the elderly, focusing on confusion in the elderly, dementia, malnutrition, adverse drug reactions, falls and balance disorders.

Privately insured patients and DVA Gold card holders will be fully covered with NO GAP charge with private health funds for inpatient hospital stay.

Dr Lipski provides holistic Geriatric care for the elderly. His team includes Dietician, Speech Pathologist, Clinical Nurses, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.

To refer a patient or make an appointment, please call us on 02 4343 0333 or fax: 02 4344 2133